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Is the Plumbing Plus Tankless water heaters are better than other Tank water heaters?.?

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Tankless water heaters, known as demand-type water heaters, provide hot water on demand, that is – only when it is needed. The first difference between a tankless and a tank water heater is that tankless water heaters do not use storage tanks, but heat water directly instead. They are a major breakthrough in efficient residential and commercial water heating and energy saving, which is why Plumbing Plus is offering tankless water heater repair San Diego service, as well as installation and maintenance. We keep up with the latest innovations in our industry and make sure our customers get the best value for money – products and services which will ensure improved water quality, reduced utility bills and more functionality.Plumbing Plus is certified for installing and servicing all major tankless water heater brands, including Noritz, Navien, Rinnai, Titan, Takagi, and Bosch. We specialize in residential and commercial gas-type tankless water heaters. We service high-efficiency gas condensing, as well as non-condensing water heaters that satisfy various needs for capacity and performance.Benefits of Tankless water heaters are Improved efficiency, Reduced monthly utility bills, 15-20 year warranty, Better water quality. Visit for More Info.

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